Skyrim Mod - Monster Mounts

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Mod: Monster Mounts
version 2.5 by gg77
  • VoiceoftheForce

    2:09So ShibeMuch DragonbornWowPls ride

  • Isaiah Bonecutter

    Fuck yea riding a giant ass rabit like a boss

  • Chanman C.E.O

    In 2:23, that was a uintatherium.

  • Allen Cyrus Raguindin

    why isnt it working for me? help please i dont see any mounts but i installed it

  • Raven Slane

    yes (especially the chicken)

  • L3vonis

    Anyone else think it'd be awesome if we could have races on the Dwarven spheres. Anyone.

  • bob smith

    How to send the files over, this is a lot to add not sure what to put

  • Despon

    0:33 yep, im gettin that mod

  • elfianmetal

    I installed the mod, but I do not know where to find the monsters to ride

  • Marshall Quinn

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJJAAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJA XD me mate de la risa cuando vi que montaba un dinosaurio xD jajajajaja 

  • Ó Slattarra

    The elk would be bad ass for elves.

  • Bad End Happy

    Sees Giant Mountable Chicken => Mod downloaded.

  • Hogeye

    I have the mod BUT i cant fly with the flyable monsters plz help

  • SuperWadman

    the elk reminded me of yakul

  • Koala Works

    Is there any mob you can't ride? Awesome :D

  • Wood Monkey

    I've always wanted to ride a dwarven centurion into battlenows my chance

  • ShadowPa1adin

    0:25 "Thanks for the lift, mam."

  • Okami San


  • Colin Mark

    Honestly there is just something so beautiful about this

  • J Dawg

    i hope this comes to console

  • Hillbilly Redneck

    1:26 Riders on the storm

  • FlamingNinetales77



    this is as close as to playing ''as'' them as possible

  • Akira ガッツ

    do u know how to get those mounts

  • gg77FR

    The shark is between "Honningbrew Meadery" and "Chillfurrow Farm" Under the bridge

  • Yee

    ut'd be cool if you could ride a slaughterfish or a shark

  • Cellidor


  • Karolina Kosińska

    How to spawn mounts? ;-;

  • Marco Kang

    i can't stop laughing at when he's riding giant and the giant hitting with it's club

  • niffelhei

    where i can find mounts? or i need to buy?

  • gg77FR

    Those mounts are in the Whiterun area...near the mounts you have (E) to mount

  • Tom Makhura

    Geez man, NWS this thing- not everyone wants to see you riding a giant cock.

  • Perc Games

    Nothing to see here, Just a random dragonborn riding a GIANT.

  • BadgerIsHere

    Skeever was my favorite.

  • AbaKxi 2D

    the best is the chaurus

  • Saffire Fawn

    Mee wanna ride flaming wolf ,3,

  • David Stojilkovic

    can i ride a deer with this mod cause i would like to look like that elf from The Hobbits:Battle Of The Five Armies

  • RealEvangelizer

    an year later I still have no idea why I would want to mount a Seal..... especially after he lost the fking bucket

  • GodXjz

    Mammoth and dragon mount and dinosaurs hell fucking yes sad no trex

  • Annabelle Southworth

    I would be riding the flame Atronach and spriggans but I must say elk would look awesome with a wood elf character

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