10 Creepiest Locations In Fallout 3

The anticipation for Fallout 4 and all of the inevitable creepy locations and side quests it will produce, has us excited. So excited we decided to showcase the top 10 creepiest places, that could only exist in a nuclear wasteland.

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  • Burak Tural

    tranquility lane, no more

  • San San Myint

    Arfu town in fallout is scary too

  • Alex Clemmer

    Second radio frequency is a feral ghoul.

  • Hola Xd Si

    The dunwhich building scared the shit out of me :(

  • Adam Jose


  • Tony Longoria3

    In fallout3 the scary place is umm.. I don't know what's it called but Jerico as when your mean killing nice people and you have to give jerico 1000 caps when you find the brotherhood outcast when they need help a kid pops out he said can you find my dad but in the town theirs fire ant and the boys dad is dead after you tell the boy you have to kill the fire ants but in the boys house he's dad has a key 🔑 ok so ya if I go some other places I will tell you all guys ok bye and goodnight you guys 😀🙂

  • Crazycookie_56 Star

    WTF, FIRST WHY DOGS...dogs all ways suffer

  • RISK X SK8

    Tranquility lane scared me so mutch had no clue what to do and the sound loop drove me crazy

  • Mr Celtic

    Where that radio tower so i can get it off my location checklist i been every where except for that radio tower grate of the family

  • Josiah Espinoza

    The only creepy place that threw me for a loop was the entirety of Point Lookout. Not a second thought went to anywhere else.

  • human the human

    Where'should vault 87? That one gets me.

  • Aditya Singh

    I killed all garies in vault 87

  • stephan moore

    That damn building southwestern corner full of ghouls omg

  • Justin the dog

    Not really creepy just scary to me,Grayditch

  • Mr TomAW

    I really want to play fallout 3 now, it's a shame the graphics are god awful they should've remastered this and added mod support instead of skyrim

  • iJakeyWolfy 101

    Point Lookout is the creepiest place in my opinion.

  • nickeeeman

    garyyyyyyyy! -spongebob

  • Gabrial plays 2003


  • Fancy Lucario

    Wanna know a Mildly Creepy Vault? Vault 106

  • Levi Hunter

    the abandoned house with the robot is more sad than Creepy

  • kaz kk

    Death to your innocence . Innocence is meant to be destroyed.

  • Rapping Rabbit

    Well for the deathclaw sanctuary bobble head is at the entrance inside of the cave if you venture deeper into the cave you will get a minigun called the vegence

  • Nicholas Watson

    Why in all of your videos are you just wear the vault Suit

  • Peter Burto

    Yep your house ,i have still got night mares

  • home front Z

    Well valut 87 is the shit so fkn creepy

  • Gabrial plays 2003

    Vaults have always been some of the scariest places to me

  • Matt Tent.

    And you should hit that man ... with a stick

  • Inder Tat

    Where's the last location. Can somebody help me ? I can't find it.

  • Isaiah Luna

    Just got done playing fallout 3 while I went into vault 106 man that vault gave me fucking chills down my spine, especially how it's all worse I was playing it at 3 AM and now I'm watching this while it's 3 AM well shit lol

  • Zephyr 101010

    The thing that creep me in fallout 3 was oasis that creepy tree and the heart was OMG and plus I can't even leave the place it require a key at the end

  • ABadUnfunny9/11Joke

    h i T T H A T M A N W I T H A S T I C K

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