The Elder Scroll V Skyrim The Power Of Madara Uchiha

this is the link mod
  • Leonellus 458

    I dont thing there are any wood style jutso where did you get them?


    can't change the music ? make madara theme

  • Mr Itachi

    can you please try to get this ported to Xbox one skyrim special edition please like omg its amazing

  • I like batman

    What mod are you using for the War Fan/Gunbai?

  • Leonellus 458

    can you pls upload the file for the uchiha clan mod so i can download iti cant sign into nexus

  • Tyrus Williams Jr

    Is this mod on Xbox 1 yet

  • Xbot4Life

    Looks so boring though

  • Yoshi Akuma

    How can I get Mangekyou Sharingan? I've killed many of my followers and one of my Wifes but still nothing.

  • Jonasim

    What armor mod is that?! link please! :o

  • abdul malik

    this is the best madara armor is and now its gone :(

  • Hail Rinne

    How do you unlock the rinnegan?

  • Paweł Mikunda

    People of internet, anyone with the link to download this mod for Skyrim for Mac? Thanks for the help

  • abdul malik

    Those spells are not in naruto/uchiha overhaul or that armor, can you post a link to that.

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