JUST DO IT!! - Skyrim Mods - Week 191

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Plush Teddy Bear Follower ( Standalone ) by cinek12345
Artifacts of Boethiah - Goldbrand - Eltonbrand - Fearstruck by FrankFamily
Woodcutter by Semtex
Just Do It - Shout Replacer by laserlemons
Red Wedding
  • Sable

    If you have not seen season 3 of Game of thrones FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do not watch this

  • Charles wood

    Holy crap, this is basically the settlements, but in Skyrim 2015!

  • Renato Rezende Brito

    The settlement system in Skyrim... What a turn of events 😂

  • sneezy feathers

    (walks into room)(teddy bear is dancing on the bed)(slowly walks out and closes the door)

  • Rodian

    i think goldbrand is from morrowind

  • YamiPoyo

    Can you tell us what armor your wearing in each episode besides the ones you feature i dont know what set this is.

  • John McClain

    Really liked the Wood Cutter, but what about the trees? Do they re-spawn again after a while? I hope they do, because I'm gonna cut the hack out of Skyrim :P Btw, like your vids m8

  • Connor Taylor

    In the middle of talking HOH?

  • drageben

    You didn't kill all of the starks.Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.Arya stark

  • angry pepe cancer

    spoiler. wtf. im just a season 3 fuk

  • Keldren Raze

    wtf i watched this whole video twice ONLY cuz i wanted to know what armor she was wearing... of course he didn't say anything about it wtffffff

  • dva gg

    Tf what's the armor at 0:18

  • Cori Renner

    Is anyone else here only for the just do it mod and the slutty outfits

  • BeagleBear Gaming

    i miss u mxr ur old content >:3

  • finch

    Gotta go BEAT SOME TROLL MEAT, with a hammer of course


    WOW game of thrones spoiler warning

  • gregrocks 2005

    that actually sounds like boethiah

  • Owen Manning

    SPOILERS MXR ... spoilers! :(

  • Bigmudder 24

    Immersive wood splitting next mod lol

  • 7EPro

    The Lannisters send their regards

  • Anonymous Gamer

    when is Henry going to do a performance mod ??????????????

  • Jonathan Campbell

    What outfit is she wearing?

  • blake collins

    wait what aromr mod was that

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