Skyrim Mod: More Draconic Dragon Aspect

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More Draconic Dragon Aspect

Animated Dragon Wings

Flying Mod

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • EveryDay_ Savage

    The worst part about this is when dragon aspect turns off mid flight

  • Danilo Alves

    How I use wings? I have the complete shout, and MOD has been fully installed, all of them

  • OkayxPowerz

    Wow... i need stop looking at mods.. ;-; my skyrim is slow as hell now because i've downloaded so many :/

  • Forbidden_Sun

    Where do I get them?!

  • Overlord Papoy

    can i cast spells while flying?

  • Johnathan Rivera

    But can you use magic or weapons whilst in the air

  • BullCitySBC

    They still can't Port does not over it's been like 3 years come on man

  • Gold Barite

    Requires SKSE? Why didn't you include this in your description? I cannot find it.

  • Zamirul Asyraf Gph

    my fly mod cannot fly like yours..what is my mistake

  • Savanna Merino

    can you fly on Xbox one, I seem to be having trouble trying to fly

  • Cloinkus Doinkus

    There needs to be a skyrim anime ENB

  • !John*Doe!

    Can the flying mod be used with vampire lord?


    Dammit i have xbox 360 i could have bought a pc or ps4 or xbox one i am a crazy mothrfucker

  • Darksiosa 1200

    Dragon Aspect Has 2 Cock

  • J S

    Does anyone know if there is a SE version for this?

  • Deerick Hernandez

    Is the flying mod on special edition?

  • Rosper Wolf

    Friend I have a problem that when I activate the flying mod in dragon aspect my character flies but does not fly animations

  • Flashera

    Welcome back to Morrowind!

  • Miothefireknight

    Seismic toss WHY THE POKÉMON MOVES

  • yoyo asaad

    can you please upload the files with out the site (nexus mod i have a problem in sign in the site

  • Agent Dovahkiin

    i dont know how to download mods....plz help me 😢😭😭😭😭

  • Skyward Bound

    Can it be downloaded on xbox one

  • RGR red the redneck

    Is the flying mod on Xbox one


    I would love to have Dragon Aspect Enhancement combined with this.

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