I CAN'T UNSEE THIS - Skyrim Mods - Week 222

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Customizable UI Replacer by Elxdark and BrendanW
http://www.nexusmods.com/s kyrim/mods/82725/?
Rupert the Teddy Bear by Levionte and ViciousSarr
DCR - King Crusader Armor by Angilla
http://www.nexu smods.com/skyrim/mods/82543/?
Female Enemy Monster Aesthetics Leveled Encounters - More Sexy Creatures by Fiuzo
Ancient Dwemer Metal by SRW0
  • Nightmare Knight

    The woman spider things are lore friendly because in oblivion there was a daedra call a spider daedra and it pretty much was the same thing!

  • Anthony Lee Chen

    Mxr, the teddy bear part..... are you related to h20delirious??

  • Carrigan Sevedge

    I was just about to download her “floating city” mod... then I saw the size and decided I wanted to see a video of it because there’s only two pictures of the content.. then I heard about all this drama and decided to get any other mod besides hers.

  • Blitz Here

    Endanger somebody's channel. lolz. You made what, $5,000 from just this video?


    FUCK that author she's mad cause she's suckish

  • The Puppet Master Fagit

    are any of thee on the xbox one

  • IgnitedPie

    A copyright strike is not...IMMERSIVE

  • EckBoi

    I love it when he says roll the intro XD

  • sam patterson

    Skyrim is the dark souls of not being dark souls

  • Matthew Robert

    That woman is a bitch

  • Hydro_Flightz XD

    Ok, the Rupert The Teddy Bear mod is so freaking adorable and when I saw the outfits I almost died.

  • Mr Perkaholic

    Rupert looks like ted

  • Epic Gamer

    Y’know im sure it’s pretty much an honor to have your mod featured on the show

  • Dat Nacho

    what armour is that on your character? and what mods make her stand and walk like that?

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