Must Have Skyrim Mods

Today we are going to start with the very basics.. this is a list of the MUST HAVE Skyrim mods.. for 2017. This list of mods should be installed in practically everyone's game as these are not giant flashy overhaul mods. These are mods that fix, clean up and just make the game better objectively.. well pretty much. I threw in a couple mods you might not have known you wanted as well.

All these mods are for the Skyrim Special Edition version of Skyrim and are available and updated as of 2017.. but that doesn't mean that original Skyrim misses out as these mods are available for the original version as well and the only real difference is that the first mod USSEP is called USLEEP.. check them out on Nexusmods.


The Nexus link for

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Author: Unofficial Patch Project Team

The Cutting Room Floor
Author: Arthmoor

Better MessageBox Controls
Author: ecirbaf

Better Dialogue Controls
Author: ecirbaf

SkyUI 2.2
Author: SkyUI Team

60 FPS Interface
Author: Wirodeu

D13 Get Up Stand Up
Author: Dark Angel 13 Argonil

Run For Your Lives
Author: Arthmoor

When Vampires Attack
Author: Arthmoor

Acquisitive Soul Gems
Author: eyeonus

Alternative Start
Author: Arthmoor

Author: Vuud



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  • ObIvan

    Тут только иностранцы, так что никто не узнает, что я гей))))

  • Aard

    3:42 what the fuck is going on with that left hand?

  • QuadBitzy

    Isn't "Run for your lives" a bit un-lore friendly? Aren't Nords meant to be strong and hearty instead of running into a house screaming?

  • I Hate 2D animation profiles

    Thomas the Tank engine Mod is Legendary at this Point

  • Mr Nice Guy

    Can someone tell me how to make SkyUI compatible with 60/120 fps interface mod ?

  • Chiz Kin

    For some reason I found a draugr who had a draugr battle axe instead of an ancient nord battle axe, it had the exact stats and texture as an ancient nord on too

  • Filipe Assis

    The subtitles are a mess bro.

  • Skiffi_

    What animation mod do you use? I noticed the pose of your character was a bit different from it looks without mods :)

  • Alexander Nightroad

    You're using a mod that changes your movement and attack move, right? 'cause your char has a different cast move on third person cam, and different sword holding pose.Can you tell me what mod it is?

  • Gilbert Nieto

    Is this still relevant?

  • Rich R.

    11/11/2017 - When Vampires Attack has been removed for SSE

  • Victory Eagle

    What's the armor to the picture of video

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