FLOWER GIRLS SE X - Skyrim Mods - Week 217

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New outro music thanks to Vindsvept!

VS Ciri Project. TW3 UNP-CBBE by ViciousSARR and Levionte
Caesia Follower - Custom Voiced With Own Dialogues by Miroslav - Anbeegod
Sulfur and Fire- Trial of Mehrunes Dagon (Mihail immersive add-ons- Daedric Prince Trials- Oblivion Deadlands)
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim by Enai Siaion
SkyHUD by Fhaarkas
Flower Girls SE x by Xider
  • SS Soilder

    I lol'd when she talked about getting raped lmfao

  • Mark Anthony

    @MxR Mods I think the real reason is that there's no SKSE 64

  • tyler herlache

    I absolutely love Caesia, if Elder Scrolls VI ever becomes a thing, anbeegod needs to put her in there, because I honestly don't know if I'd be able to do another elder scrolls play through without her

  • GoldenGail3

    I used this mod and I once banged a guard to get out of jail time. It... made me feel quite chilled, to think I was screwing a guard, whom presumably looked the exact same as one another shivers into darkness...

  • Cristina Kaiserin

    My animations doesn't work :( the characters just remove they clothes but they don't do nothing, I think it's totally bug. Anyone knows why?I apreciated an answer. Thanks :D

  • Angrius Windstorm

    Flower Girls. I laughed so hard I shat myself :-)

  • serena180

    Its sexcist pure bs lez hate y i cant get this mod on ps4 i want it for lesbian stuff with women of skyrim se im tired of seeing guys with the girls no just no i was tolf this mod allows girls to do eachother and has lesbian diologue i want that i really do i want bethesda to stop bieng sexcist lezhaters and allow this mod to b in with all there other mods i hate pc i want these mods 4 ps4

  • drageben

    8:29 is that a fucking balrog

  • bigbarrettbob P

    Anyone know the load order for flower girls?

  • FelipeGames2000

    8:30 "I mean, look at this bitch! That is terrifying! But I also have the weirdest boner right now."MxR, WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU?

  • TheDragonKing

    Actually, because people have modded skyrim with the Dlc already, it is technicly better than skyrim se. People don't want to waste their money on something they basically already own.

  • Zayne Martin

    I love how happy that skeever looked omg

  • CartezIsHere

    how do you get this on XB1

  • Kuken Iburet

    I'm also fed up with these slut raped cunt followers. How about a normal follower who can be your sister or brother, or at least just a good friend?? For ROLEPLAY sakes (yeah I know that "RolePlay" bit was a bit too much...)

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