The Perfect Graphical Setup? - Skyrim Mods - Week 137

So I tried out some new graphics mods..

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Like and favorite!

Blue Bear Lodge - A Simple Player Home by en3raider
Mudcrab_Bear_Wisp-Armor by m
MCKINGNightMotherReplacer by MCKING
Edhildils Nightmother Corpse by Edhildil
Project ENB by Bronze316
Armored SabreCat Mount by tumbajamba
Yurica's Chevaleresse Armor for UNP by yurica
  • SuffuFFaffiss

    Skyrim is fascinating in that you can make it look no different from the original and have it run so terribly you'd think you were rendering a Disney movie

  • General Turd

    Your a funny man.. You show off mods very well.. But your taste in graphics is cringe ._. So colorful and anime..

  • Brenna DeLowery

    You forget battle skirts!!!

  • Chicken Party

    If you want a great enb use Rudy. If you want an extremely realistic enb use dovah ballon enb finale (check out hodilton's video) or use NLA-natural lighting vivid atmospherics.Another good option is vividian enb+purity

  • Jake Brunsdon

    What is your intro music called

  • NCGNexus

    What grass mod does he use?

  • goldeneagle626

    Can someone give me the link for the idle animation mod shown from 5:22-5:27?

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