Let's Play Skyrim Modded to Hell - Ella - 01

A new character. A child. A beggar. A street urchin. A thief.

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  • GhoulEyedAlec

    Damn 3 years ago allready, makes me feel old now.

  • Aidan Christie

    Does one know how i get this new start mod? how do i start like he did?

  • butterball 27

    Solitude was a good start I think you should have tried Riften in first

  • MisterBossFTW

    What mod is that you use for the stronger bows? Also can you link/send me the mods for children of skyrim and the other mod too?

  • Green__Bandit

    I don't even know what mod he used for being a kid!WHAT IS IT?!

  • O.F. HeadOne

    love it it. I'm late and drunk watching this vib . awesome sauce.

  • O.F. HeadOne

    interesting way to start the game, being a kid.

  • cutie kid

    your the best he said he was the worst

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