How big of a difference are primed gear/mods?

Everyone knows that primed gear and mods are better, but I was curious about how much better they were, so I decided to do some testing.

(Special note: For those of you following the GPU upgrade saga, this video was about a month in the making, so the vast majority of this was captured on my old GPU and edited on the new one. Shiny new footage starts with the next upload!)

Numbers - 05:36
tl;dr - 08:14

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  • Aaron Lozano

    What colors are you using for volt?

  • MGlBlaze

    Yeah, some primed mods are mildly broken. I don't think any build forgoes Primed Continuity except for some really niche things, for example. And this video of yours focused on Primed Fury in particular for being so much better than the default version. Others are mildly infuriating due to them basically being how the base mod should have been in the first place - Primed Point Blank and Primed Target Cracker being my usual examples, and Primed Vigor being another particularly egregious example due to the default Vigor being so obviously underpowered and the primed version being locked behind a year and a half's worth of logging in. Because fuck us, that's why.Also your editing is fairly slick, so good job on that front.

  • oh baby

    I believe only mods that don't have a max rank of 10 can be primed. So no Primed Serration/Hornet Strike.

  • Hopeofhell


  • wmaiuiet [zrugel]

    4:23 wow, that's Really fast... [16xspeed] ....ohJoey I just gotta say, you editing and video effects are really great, seriously dude, top notch stuff :)Honestly, I don't know if I've forgotten how big a difference primed fury makes, I mean, I don't use fury on all my melee weapons, but when I do I prefer Dose- err I mean Primed fury.The differences that you got from these two scenarios surprised me too, that's some interesting food for thought.

  • Alsyard LͫOͤRͫDͤ

    HEY!Stahp copying -N00b Showtek:3

  • wecky ng

    shattering impact?so u r a man of culture as well

  • Mahmoud Salama

    i usually forget that primed fury exists

  • TheTroumble

    You didn't use Carrier Prime for your Prime run.

  • elliott hansen

    People don't play without Primed stuff because it's exponentially less effective and efficient. It's just not worth wasting your time using a less than perfect build when you can use Primed items, especially in a game that is 100% dependent on farming a lot of items really quickly.

  • Xephonix

    Rifles and Snipers need something changed and more damage would help but it wouldn't really fix it problems.Shotguns are just best in slot right now, you do have some advantages with Rifles but in all serious playthroughs for high end combat, Tigris Prime is common for it's insane damage and status.

  • Igor' Mikolyuk

    Holy cow, that "This is what you are" cover is beautiful, i definitely have to check out other music of yours.

  • Maurice Arreola

    do a video with the weakest frames or what everyone thinks is weak. and make them bad ass. your vids are awesome

  • Aditto Bagchi

    loved this comparison and format bro keep it up

  • Ken Williams

    primed vigor......mmmmmmmmmm

  • Ben Knecht

    could ya possibly turn off your hud shake?

  • bsdacres

    Would you ever consider continuing the warframe stereotype series?

  • JoaoPedroDurand

    That was really helpful since most build videos tell you to use Primed Preassure Point,Primed Fury,Body Count.Newer players dont have acess to these mods,but i compleated the nodes and sorties without them

  • Colby Kurtz

    I love this Volt Centric content

  • DavionXY

    I really like that Black Pink Blue combo you got on your volt. You got style, Kid.

  • Yaku Vorster

    Oh yeah and also, I don't use my maxed prime fury on all my builds, typically berserker is enough for me, but I don't really like the quote unquote "meta" builds

  • Irradiated Ice

    Hi mate nice vids! The flowing words you were testing were kind of hard to read, they were cool but maybe a bit much? I don't know. I guess just don't over do the effects, a decent amount is good but too much is too much, but that's just my opinion...the dancing volt made me laugh though keep that in...if you could add a dancing hydroid I would cry :D I can imagine his flopping tentacles now...

  • Aukion Makiro

    you know i still have yet to get fragor or it's prime ... also- anyone else think fragor prime looks kinda like a car engine or something out of the hood- slapped onto a metal stick XD also, login day 141 so close yet so far to fury ;w;

  • KennyRalph

    600 day login reward is primed Shred...

  • martinicc67

    Berserker is better than primed fury when you have high crit

  • irfan adli Riduan

    I would love to sub some of your videos so if you can do me a favour and turn on that community sub thingy-mjig....that...would be great...also YOU JUST GAINED A NEW SUB!

  • The Gaming Idiot

    Prime seration at 600 days nah man that's too late

  • DarkGaming EVolution

    It's interesting I'd like to see more.

  • Reaper

    I wouldn't be upset if DE changed Primed Shred for Primed Serration for the 600 day login reward.

  • Yami_nK Schrödinger

    Smooth McGroove !!!!!\(* v*)/

  • Yaku Vorster

    First video of yours i've seen, Was pretty legit, you get a sub from me my bro.

  • Genji Shimada

    I love when you upload ha usually I get my information and leave from other warframe YouTubers but you are probably the only warframe YouTuber that I watch the whole video ha

  • Dan Matrix

    I doubt Primed Serration would ever exist. And is that Smooth McGroove? :0And you are criminally underrated. Alongside with Distant Observer.

  • rhuan12k


  • Xenuine

    I thought you had much more login days than me... do u login every once in a while or everyday?

  • Taylor Raicon

    I really liked the formatting of the video. Might want to slow the text down a little bit (that could just be me being a slow reader) but other then that it was perfect!

  • FeralHidaru

    If DE ever gives voices to the warframes, they should hire you as Volt. For some reason your voice totally fits Volt xD

  • Lakshminarayanan Krishnan

    Joey - that's some badass video skillz there. However, some pointers - you definitely need to slow down on the text parts - I found myself having to pause the video multiple times just to watch what you were typing out. Also, probably reduce the volume of the music .. it seemed awfully loud compared to your voice levels.Also - fuck leech eximii .. they are such an irritant.Oh, and finally - Primed Fury - good lord - only after tacking that on, do "slow" weapons like Fragor/P, Galatine/P & JatKittag feel usable.

  • Dave0

    There's just something about your videos that makes them really enjoyable to watch. I don't even play Warframe much anymore but I always watch your vids.Keep it up!

  • themambawarrior2

    I would love primed serration despite how I never fully upgraded serration and the major thing about primed mods is that they allow you to level the mod further than normal, and also, I'm only at about the 300 or 400 day login reward, so 600 days would just be absolute bull.

  • The Game

    imagine how salty nerds will be if ppl were allowed to skip log in days

  • Kala_de_fisu Kala

    nice to see that you to like field testing more than box testing. nice animations btw.

  • Dragonsmith101 XD

    Yay Joey zero upload

  • daniël van der leij

    Liked the video, but the survival run was, even though it was sped up, kinda boring. I would prefer it if you either skip it or make it shorter by not showing almost the whole run.

  • Alex Anders

    I guess I have forgotten, but I am one of those people who puts primed fury + berserker on every melee so.......

  • Vincent Rouse

    1) love don't editing. I realize it may take a bit more work, but if you both like it and feel comfortable doing it more, then do it. if nothing else, use this kind of editing I video that "need" the flair to get the point across. you videos are really good with out this. this editing style seem more like iceing on a naturally satisfying cake.all in my opinion.2) prime mod variants are nice, but my personal builds for Mag and Mag prime can show that that are not needed. as you would possibly say, it's all about play style and play preference.Rob for AGGP did an arrival for DE about some of the core(?) types of people in this gaming community we have. I feel I want to be a skill and knowledgeable player, with enuff scosial to be an educator.If one relies on set mod builds to get shit done, then if DE changes a key aspect regarding those builds, that that player will find a different set up.i may edit this comment latter to add more, but I need sleep.


    you're editing is super good. you should make up like a "frames talk" video.. have a few frames around arguing about who's better or something...

  • mutated sandwhich

    I don't run primed fury because I prefer berserker it just offers more attack speed .The only time I use primed fury is for exalted blade and primal fury (wukong's staff) builds. Nice video keep 'em coming.

  • Dim Fre4kske

    You are comparing apples and oranges here. A fair test would have been the same warframe and the same weapon with and without primed mods. Stats wise the warframe doesn't really matter, but primed weapons receive significant damage boosts compared to their non primed counter parts. Also if you don't use primed flow, don't use QT and if you need to test primed frame vs non primed frame don't do it in the void.

  • dre4mZ

    Daym, subbed and liked, the major reason being the sick editing ;D

  • Eluminary Xarrais

    Berserker is still substantially faster than prime fury. If your really doing a melee centric build that's the way to go.

  • Ryan Chan

    the lack of carrier prime in your prime loadout bugs me

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