How big of a difference are primed gear/mods?

Everyone knows that primed gear and mods are better, but I was curious about how much better they were, so I decided to do some testing.

(Special note: For those of you following the GPU upgrade saga, this video was about a month in the making, so the vast majority of this was captured on my old GPU and edited on the new one. Shiny new footage starts with the next upload!)

Numbers - 05:36
tl;dr - 08:14

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  • Tebitots

    stupid question, sorry... so say IF I was to buy multiple primed mods at the same time in the same transaction, will I be charged 1 million tax for each mod or is it 1 million tax for the whole transaction??? thanks in advance.

  • Dan Matrix

    I doubt Primed Serration would ever exist. And is that Smooth McGroove? :0And you are criminally underrated. Alongside with Distant Observer.

  • DancerVeiled

    If you think Fury is mandatory, try Berserker. You'll love it.Even on low crit weapons if you have maiming strike. Better yet you can combine the two if you really feel the need to be sanic.

  • Fairy ofRhine

    I have PF at the 45% (whateve rank that is I forget) but I generally go for the Berserker, BR, BC/DC combo and that works fine for me (I also got them a good amount of time before I got PF)

  • MGlBlaze

    Yeah, some primed mods are mildly broken. I don't think any build forgoes Primed Continuity except for some really niche things, for example. And this video of yours focused on Primed Fury in particular for being so much better than the default version. Others are mildly infuriating due to them basically being how the base mod should have been in the first place - Primed Point Blank and Primed Target Cracker being my usual examples, and Primed Vigor being another particularly egregious example due to the default Vigor being so obviously underpowered and the primed version being locked behind a year and a half's worth of logging in. Because fuck us, that's why.Also your editing is fairly slick, so good job on that front.

  • R0ckyoS0cks

    this was a great video by the way hahaha

  • Eli Barboza

    Gotta say that I really loved the editing during the number comparison. Keep up the awesome work dude!

  • Garret Buchwald

    Hey nice editing! Your videos are definitely some of the nicest looking and the funniest.

  • I'm always behind you

    since serration is a rank 10 mod they wont make it primed as far as i can tell. So far all primed mods are upgraded mods from rank 5 mods like vigor, fury, continuity ect, so i don't think that serration will get a primed variant though i do wish for it i just doubt it'll happen.

  • Overmind97

    well tbh. mods and weapons have huge differences between vanilla and prime (ofc some exceptions) with frames the prime difference is negligable, as the energy in void thing isn't as important as it was before zenurik and relics

  • Anhure

    I hope your channel blows up. I absolutely love your editing and your exciting voice which makes videos more entertaining.

  • Vincent Rouse

    1) love don't editing. I realize it may take a bit more work, but if you both like it and feel comfortable doing it more, then do it. if nothing else, use this kind of editing I video that "need" the flair to get the point across. you videos are really good with out this. this editing style seem more like iceing on a naturally satisfying cake.all in my opinion.2) prime mod variants are nice, but my personal builds for Mag and Mag prime can show that that are not needed. as you would possibly say, it's all about play style and play preference.Rob for AGGP did an arrival for DE about some of the core(?) types of people in this gaming community we have. I feel I want to be a skill and knowledgeable player, with enuff scosial to be an educator.If one relies on set mod builds to get shit done, then if DE changes a key aspect regarding those builds, that that player will find a different set up.i may edit this comment latter to add more, but I need sleep.

  • Reaper

    I wouldn't be upset if DE changed Primed Shred for Primed Serration for the 600 day login reward.

  • Morkislair

    Get another life strike. Let it rank zero. It regens enough life to sustain you, and drains far elss energy.

  • Journey Blue

    I've been working on an account for my brother from scratch, and I agree that there is a huge difference between Primed and Vanilla setups. And I am realizing how dependent my techniques and methods were on my primed loadouts and weapons.I'm having to got back to the paper-rock-scissors method of playing warframe, by exploiting the strengths and weakness of the missions and factions types, instead of being about to brute-force my way through them. But the strategic nature of warframe was one of main aspects I found alluring about the game, so I can't say I'm not having fun.Btw, love the video JZ; animations and narrations included.

  • mutated sandwhich

    I don't run primed fury because I prefer berserker it just offers more attack speed .The only time I use primed fury is for exalted blade and primal fury (wukong's staff) builds. Nice video keep 'em coming.

  • Kaisharga

    I like this video styleI don't actually use P.Fury that much, I more often find a berserk build is fitting for what I want to useI feel like there was a third question but I forgot what it wask bye

  • Allon Vorlete

    I don't use primed or riven mods because you can't use them in conclave, and all of my pve builds are a variant concept of my PvP builds. Dojo duels are the only PvP where primed or rivens matter, and dojo duels have absolutely no consequence, whether you do or don't do them.

  • Robin Moore

    holy crap, this is so well edited!

  • Volatile productions

    600 day login reward is primed shred. Tell me how much this infuriates you.

  • Maurice Arreola

    do a video with the weakest frames or what everyone thinks is weak. and make them bad ass. your vids are awesome

  • Ryan Chan

    the lack of carrier prime in your prime loadout bugs me

  • Buck Buckleyson

    As much as I appreciate the value of this video and the point it brings across, when ur getting red crits y u no berserker?

  • Fili Spiers

    how about doing a comparison between prime fragor with and without primed mods. I personally think prime fragor is easier to obtain than most primed mods

  • OCHOA_077

    I think the only one matters is flow

  • Khoro

    hirudo + primed fury + volts speed/warcry + berserker = blender

  • Putrid Kindred Main

    The smooth mcgroove remix..I need it..Give pls.

  • Rave2DaGrave

    is primed fury still avaiable ? cant find it on market

  • Yaku Vorster

    Oh yeah and also, I don't use my maxed prime fury on all my builds, typically berserker is enough for me, but I don't really like the quote unquote "meta" builds

  • Khan Singh

    Primed Serration will never exist since the only benefit of a primed mod is it having 10 ranks

  • Ogger wa bakadesu

    you should've used carrier and carrier prime with prime and without prime mods

  • Eluminary Xarrais

    Berserker is still substantially faster than prime fury. If your really doing a melee centric build that's the way to go.

  • Billy

    Primed stuff are better than their normal counterparts? no way!!!

  • Aditto Bagchi

    loved this comparison and format bro keep it up

  • Monther Qadous

    how does your volt be invisible?

  • AcedFox

    the best question is... what is the point of BROKEN mods? you get them at the start, but after that you'll never see those ever again, because they are pointless.broken VS default mods, yeah! o_o

  • AnimeFreakish78

    Your volt is capping at 299% power strength. You won't get any more unless you have growing power which you don't so you shouldn't be putting "309%" as power str

  • R0ckyoS0cks

    dat smooth mcgroove tho

  • avatar aragon

    if 600 day reward is primed serration i quit warframe

  • Deo Saimon

    I'm downloading warframe on my ps4 rn, I've never played it but I've spent the ENTIRE 8+ hours watching your videos and tips and guides and background lore so I'm not completely dumbstruck first time playing this game. But I just wanna say thank you for helping me passing the time waiting to olay this xD. I have too much anticipation rn waiting for it to finish downloading

  • SteeloBraim

    daamn boi i like ur editing :3

  • Andrew Woode

    Freakin awesome man - keep the funky groove and editing

  • Hazel Strong

    You should have also looked at the Carrier Prime!

  • Toetech

    Berserker, body count, blood rush are my go-to mods for melee

  • Alex Anders

    I guess I have forgotten, but I am one of those people who puts primed fury + berserker on every melee so.......


    you're editing is super good. you should make up like a "frames talk" video.. have a few frames around arguing about who's better or something...

  • Yaku Vorster

    First video of yours i've seen, Was pretty legit, you get a sub from me my bro.

  • Dragonsmith101 XD

    Yay Joey zero upload

  • Derpy TW

    Primed fury is only needed in slow attacking non crit.melee weapons. So hardly needed

  • elliott hansen

    People don't play without Primed stuff because it's exponentially less effective and efficient. It's just not worth wasting your time using a less than perfect build when you can use Primed items, especially in a game that is 100% dependent on farming a lot of items really quickly.

  • KennyRalph

    600 day login reward is primed Shred...

  • 228anonymous

    is it worth to max a primed mod or just leave it at rank 9

  • Xephonix

    Rifles and Snipers need something changed and more damage would help but it wouldn't really fix it problems.Shotguns are just best in slot right now, you do have some advantages with Rifles but in all serious playthroughs for high end combat, Tigris Prime is common for it's insane damage and status.

  • Kala_de_fisu Kala

    nice to see that you to like field testing more than box testing. nice animations btw.

  • irfan adli Riduan

    I would love to sub some of your videos so if you can do me a favour and turn on that community sub thingy-mjig....that...would be great...also YOU JUST GAINED A NEW SUB!

  • Jeremy Stephens

    Honestly, I don't use primed fury on many of my melee weapons. To be fair, I stick to the maxed Atterax build, but even on slower weapons, I usually don't bother, favoring high damage, and sticking to tanky frames to keep myself alive while attack speeds are slow.

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