How big of a difference are primed gear/mods?

Everyone knows that primed gear and mods are better, but I was curious about how much better they were, so I decided to do some testing.

(Special note: For those of you following the GPU upgrade saga, this video was about a month in the making, so the vast majority of this was captured on my old GPU and edited on the new one. Shiny new footage starts with the next upload!)

Numbers - 05:36
tl;dr - 08:14

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  • Vincent

    Alright sit back boys because your eyes will crysoon, very soon

  • Awsomeapawsome

    my dick just went hard

  • Lillian Wade

    his technique is bad.............HMMMM!!


    i am just here by the power of fate to give you A dislike.

  • CinntaxError

    I love Primed vigor.

  • Noa Namex

    There cannot be a primed serration as it is already a lvl 10 mod.And as a simulacrum junkie that time to kill a lvl 145 c.hvy.gunner made me scoff a little.

  • The Owl

    Another Volt player fuck yeah!

  • Johnny Delgado

    Primes ruin this game.

  • Griffen Shinn

    Damn, the "production value" of a youtube video made by a person with only 20k subscribers is extremely high. You'll go far with as much effort you're putting in your episodes combined with your personality.

  • bobotron

    you seem to put alot of effort into your videos so ima sub to help you out :)

  • Adis Goralija

    Amazingly edited video man. Keep it up!

  • Project Kat

    First time seeing one of you're vids bruh I'm in love with you're editing style u deserve a sub from me ❤

  • BeastalRage

    I like, for the editing.

  • nPhlames

    5:24 I nutted at that amazing editing style right there.

  • atomicrc

    Hell I did a 6 hour long endurance with dual heat swords diku and Excalibur and my taxon maxed out

  • M7 Media

    I loved the cat zoom ups lol

  • Devin O'Brien

    I don't have a prime fury and honestly I don't use fury on my melee weapon at all I instead run with a kavat for invisible procs and have a nikana prime built to keep long lasting combo with a berserker blood rush weeping wounds build allowing me to get a bug combo multiplier and get good damage I find there is a lack of need for fury if you can hit those crits easily and you have berserker.

  • ba5sking

    Idk what your talking about cuz I'm new but this hella entertaining :) subbd

  • Lester Koh

    Primed vigor is nearly 2 years away for me.

  • TecknoDragon 343

    Joey wot is ur volt helmet when ur using the blue and black and pink colors

  • Mārtiņš Krakovskis

    Starting from 4:23, when he do x16 speed gameplay run, go in Video options and swich from normal speed to x2 speed, and try to stay alive, till end of speed run.

  • Ian

    Primed mods are ok because of the stat upgrade but sometimes are not that effective in many situations, primed warframes are good because, sometimes, of the stat increase, and primed accessories are just aesthetics so it's not important but if you are into fashion frame (everyone is) go ahead and spend some money and get that primed cosmetics.

  • Exotic Kush

    This guy is a warframe-ologist🤣

  • secret_And8

    tipedo+primed fury+bloodrush+berserker+voltspeed= go saaaanic

  • Ravenous Basilisk

    Silly question - how do you go invisible?

  • Damien Devour

    Very interesting video. I also want to complement you on how well this video was edited, it was amazingly edited like wow it looks professional!

  • Bamkii

    Loved the video, cant wait for Primed Fury lmao, also, your editing is top notch, love it!

  • QuercusAlba

    Bless you for pluralizing "Eximi" correctly.

  • Max Brooks

    Really liked this video! I'm one of those people who doesn't really level mods as much as I should, so it was nice to see a look at the differences they give. Thanks.

  • Phill Deviant

    Well whether you like prime weapons and warframes or not you will need to get them just to increase you Mastery Rank.

  • Peppe

    Man, first video I see from you, very well made, you have some video editing creativity and skills. Content is also good!

  • Mdlgam3 N

    What if you made a build using only god/semi god rivens and primed mods (stances are ok) that would op?

  • Kat T

    Primed mods are nice but they are definitely just a luxury. We have been running "end game" content for years before the primed mods came out and while they make things easier they are certainly never mandatory.

  • shadowwolf1115

    What editing thingy did you use? I like it

  • Vesperon

    Wow, pretty amazing video man. The text show thru me for a loop. It was a little fast for me to read but very interesting to watch. Music was great. The yelling part....not necessary, although you did remind me of Kevduit

  • The mighty Trump

    Wtf? The exact difference is shown on the front of the mods if you compare them lmao.

  • Lyudmil Tsekov

    I mean it is a good base comparison, make no mistake but...Your millage difference will be a lot higher if you use arcane fury + arcane strike + a Kawat, since your base is a lot bigger. Even more if you are playing Co Op survival. So it is more like... 70%?

  • Blacksteel King


  • Pixel Poundcake

    the editing and design is top notch man fantastic work

  • Gamekeeper

    you got yourself a sub sir. that was a highly entertaining video. I like it when creators have interesting content but with some quips and jokes tossed around like a professional chefframe salad.

  • OhShunz

    cool 16x background music :D

  • PulseR HD Gaming

    Question what do you need star chart completion?

  • Aptitude

    umm, there's a generic mod that gives 75% - which is 20% faster than primed fury. :) yeah better easy to aquire mod, making this whole thing a moot.. er.. question i guess. And also the point of the game.. is to get all the stuffs. Thats it. So to the question primed gear, worth it? There's only one answer yes, every single item in the game is worth it, its the game's whole point/loop/hook. Grind to get the stuffs, grind to level the stuffs, grind to forma the stuffs.

  • BlackStar Senpai

    When I first got Frost I saw someone that had primed reach using his globe, of course prime mods are worth it.

  • Ian Blasco

    Very nice job on the editing! And music selection, Vampire Killer is great.

  • Lester Koh

    Primed vigor is nearly 2 years away for me.

  • Tarik Karamehmedović

    No carrier prime? Test not valid.

  • Karl Heinrich Marx

    If something I can do Nekros voiceover. I got nice deep voice for Nekros and I am well endowed with deathly sounds of breathing and death howling... just an intro.

  • Krymz

    the credits just to upgrade is too much, I can't level the primes to higher level than the non-primed lol. then I go in chat "LFG credit farm""do you have secura lecta""no"no more responseeverytime

  • patrick kanne

    I enjoyed this more then I expected I would. So there's that. Well done!!As for Primed Fury.. Truth be told, I run more with Beserker (tops at 75%) then with the P. Fury(55%) mod and as such feel that the p. fury doesn't give me the speed I want for the mod space it takes. And since Body Count allows for quite a wider range of crit builds, there's generally no need for me to go the fury route.But I'm guessing swapping out Fury for P.Fury feels akin to swapping out P.Fury for Berserker.

  • Wolfskin 0708

    MY THEORY:If the DEs stop ripping off your credits with Primed mods, they could do this:Instead of increasing the available Ranks, they could leave it alone, but DOUBLING the percentage at the start, for example:A mod having 30% at UNRANKED, which is NOT Primed. A Primed mod, which would be 60% from UNRANKED. I hope the DE would consider this, instead of farming a shit-ton of credits for M7 noobs (me) just to max out. For my final part of talking shit, here:A normal mod would have 25% at UNRANKED, but the Primed version of the same mod would have 50% at UNRANKED instead. So, this saves you credits and Endo, which is hard to get for... some people.

  • legit behind

    your fragor build makes me cringe

  • David Marley

    the smooth mcgroove was a nice touch :)

  • CybernatonEvolution

    Primed point blank is the biggest bullshit. I do have it, but the difference between it and vanilla point blank is huge; it doesn't help when Tigris and Hek variants are dominating end game.

  • MycroMatter

    Well ya with nooo flipping durability mods of course you'll die. facepalm this is volt your talking, and your running him melee so you need a defensive mod double facepalm

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