How big of a difference are primed gear/mods?

Everyone knows that primed gear and mods are better, but I was curious about how much better they were, so I decided to do some testing.

(Special note: For those of you following the GPU upgrade saga, this video was about a month in the making, so the vast majority of this was captured on my old GPU and edited on the new one. Shiny new footage starts with the next upload!)

Numbers - 05:36
tl;dr - 08:14

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  • bmrgold

    I just started playing a month or so ago, stumbled upon your videos while researching some warframe stuff and your voice sounds so familiar... /me whispers “I love your DFB videos”

  • Neil Crandall

    Seeing another volt user using fragor Yup sub


    how do you get to the combat testing room?

  • Deoxys

    Yea they're worth

  • Hotwheelsextreme 711Shecote

    I hear smooth McGroove

  • TennoHack

    I would be very upset if it were primed serration, because Serration is already an R10 mod, so Priming it would do nothing but give it a pretty color and extremely expensive upgrade cost

  • - Ręnôvätiø -

    Love your format for editing style I Love It So Much I Hope You Keep it Totally New To Seeing Your Vids You definitely Caught my attention Lol Keep Going Like This I Love It! 💜💜

  • DymondHed

    i feel like 16x speed is too fast. maybe try 8x or 12x if possible?

  • Karasamune

    Does volt prime still have access to the arrestor helmet?

  • Wao weareone

    Your videos are great but all the same time Fury's only meant to be used for weapons that do not get criticals but with blood rush every weapon gets criticals also you should really learn how to build your melees I'm not saying your ass at the game what I'm trying to say is you do what works for you but your melees is can be by far a lot more efficient than what you put in that right now for instance with my optimal builds it takes me about 5 hits with galatine prime to kill a level 140 eximus heavy gunner 7 hits with nikana and 8 hits with lesion and 16 hits with Atarax

  • I Am The Shitzu

    Holy shit how would people ever get to like 600 day login I can’t ever log in on Monday’s so the most I’ll ever get is 6 I guess

  • Yasuhiro Akadashi


  • Ninja Cowboy

    Should have done rhino so naromon wouldnt boost damage and you could actually survive

  • EposVox

    VERY well produced video. Good shit.

  • RCynic

    Have you done editing tutorials? What do you use? I imagine making a video like this would take weeks.

  • SadisticTM _

    Ur editing is lit asf🔥🔥keep up the high quality earned a sub off ur effort just now alone👌👍

  • Joshua Minix

    I literally have 1 primed mod after 4 years of play and that's reach.

  • sguizzooo

    To any new players, prime weapons are a LOT better than their regular version, most are like an entirely different weapon, prime frames are NOT that different, they have a small increase in 1-2 stats (50 normally, 100 at most) and a polarity, unless you really like the frame and absolutely want it, there's no reason at all to rush for primes.

  • Hermine

    The Video felt so nice to watch, i thought you have a lot of more subscribers. Now im kind of disappointed , so im leaving my sub here and hope it helps out , keep up the great content. And why were you invisible with Volt ? I never played him since im missing slots...

  • Dat boi

    I don't even have any prime stuff

  • rahul hero

    i not even use 1 prime iteam

  • Laura Bryant

    you did a great job on this vid the editing format music all well done great job

  • Fireant G

    How do you go stealth with volt?

  • Mat

    4 minutes of intro is too many minutes of intro.

  • Gstyles 456

    Me looking at my PlayStation "you will forever be in my heart... Volt Prime" My sacrifice of going from console to PC

  • Terra Silverspar

    Not to be that girl, but Primed Serration probably won't be a thing. Since Serration is already a ten rank mod, and primed mods are just ten rank versions of mods that typically have a lower rank setting. After all, Pressure Strike and Point Blank got primed variants because their normal mods are only five ranks. But Hornet Strike and Serration are already naturally ten ranks. While I wouldn't put it past DE, I don't think primed variants of those two would ever happen.

  • Andrew Specht

    My $0.02 is that they are not necessary but are huge efficiency adders to your play time. For example primed continuity really cuts the penalty for certain corrupted mods. Primed reach makes high range weapons into stupid range. Primed fury also means stacking procs so much more effectively. In cases where mods on a weapon affect the a skill..again..eesh. Every see Gara's #1 o.0

  • Tweny Tu

    Video editing is really well done mate! 9/10

  • kenalbus

    Cool video and well presented. Thanks for making it!

  • Elias Gvoid

    I hate prime mods they are completely pay 2 win

  • Salmon-ella

    so there is this channel his name is PsyCoCinimatics, he has not used a single forma nor has he used a single plat to do anything, he has also not used any prime anything.

  • Joshua Maloczewski

    YOU HAD MUSIC FROM MUSICAL JESUS IN HERE. That my dood, gets a sub.

  • Austin Hart

    I love your voice and your editing style <3 <3 <3

  • renogiza -

    tbh 1,000,000 credit trade tax hardly bothers me at this point, it takes roughly 3 days of grinding to get me that much and i don't even focus on farming it - instead focusing on stuff like oxium and polymers instead

  • Doom Muffinz

    Your Volt looks pretty sessy c:

  • Guu

    You should have used the same weapon and the same frame if you really wanted to test efficiency of primed mods

  • theacp127

    The primed versions of things make them more viable late game. Most of them except for primed mods are easy to get and fairly cheap to build. Prime mods require a lot of credits and Endo to level and usually need formaed weapons to fit them into builds.

  • Dillon Maki

    Shit, I play without prime gear and primed mods. Every day. Still trying to get Paris, Burston, Bronco, and Tigris prime.

  • Video Central Media

    What are those purple things on your arms

  • St_bane 1

    No carrier prime smh

  • Alphatex

    Holy shit your format is insane

  • TheWinterHowler O_o

    Give me your fucking playlist now.

  • Himi Jendrix

    I want primed fury just so I can offhand throw the glaive faster

  • Matbot

    1000 Day Reward = Primed Berserk (+30%atkspd/crit stacks up to 4 times Max. 115%)

  • gizmo2445

    I didn't know Sonic the Hedgehog played warframe... interesting

  • Meito Anizawa

    This is really well put together

  • BloodyDIMISIS55

    Dude you sound like an anime protagonist.. no this is not an insult.. its kinda sick actually

  • linkinmetalica

    how is ur kills per minute so low? I can get more kills per minute just shooting with my primary and running around. I get 20 kills when I afk my missions.

  • Cel TV

    Berserker is still better, the only time you should use primed fury is if you already have berserker equipped and you still need more attack speed.

  • Vordigon Silverwood

    I rarely use primed fury, so id prefer primed serration over it 😜

  • Teguh Wicaksono

    Omg that "so fast" chat... im dead lol

  • plaingamerful

    so you tried out all primed mods but used 2 mods that literally breaks other weapons? ont really a good test if you ask me try taking off blood rush and body count

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