Skyrim Sneak Logic

Hands to yourself, Sneak Thief.
  • Raul Ramirez

    Jajajajajajaja jajaja

  • Husky Puppy & BEN Drowned

    Lol skyrim in a nutshell

  • Tammy Hyrt

    Must be my imagination...

  • Abhirup Mukhopadhyay

    That sneak acting was very close to how the dragonborn looks when he sneaks

  • adam'stoons

    Must've been nothing

  • Joshyjay Suan

    Hmph. Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh what am I saying? Of course you don't. I'll have you know that there's no PUSSSIEEEEE

  • Raahim Sattar

    Doesn't just apply to Skyrim

  • Michael Ramos

    Im suppose to be playing skyrim but this player keeps spying on my ass

  • Hayden Superstar

    Lmfao I am dyingomg LMFAO

  • Violet White

    I know your kind, always sneaking about

  • Edward Gill

    1000 Skyrim bandits disliked this video.

  • Youtube Youtube

    like the music/pidgeon scene

  • Petra Moore

    That's like level 100 got all the skills like mutha fecking boss level sneak, my dude! Believe me! I spent two hours on a legendary difficulty setting hacking at Hadvar to get that kinda glory! (Protip)

  • Lmax 123623

    The part with the inventory fucking killed me lol

  • Jay Fowler

    I can't sneak because everyone has the fucking best airs in skyrim

  • kapowchou o

    i thourght the person in the blue hair looked like a girl until i heard "his" voise 0_0

  • 2020 Chevy Mustang

    yea but then we bitch when the game is too hard like in ghost recon

  • Light Skin Chriii

    hahaah "what was that?" hahahaahhahh

  • Kai Dragon heart

    just like how i got away with sneaking pass vampire from the dawngurad quest

  • Unknown Anonymous

    With 100 sneaking. Skyrims pretty much easy. Especially with daggers. Or a bow. Your invincible

  • game lurker

    yeeaa update for divine citizens lush overhaul e project hippie

  • Christina Lynch

    I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!

  • Joseph Landing Jr.

    Great effects! Very Tarantino like with the blood pressure on that first guy lol.

  • Master of Light power

    OMG 😂Funnyest thing since guardians of the galaxy

  • OCTAPUS 444

    Must've been nothing

  • Meetalo

    lol i love hwo they are just standing there, gazing out into nothing ness

  • Ken

    this is a work of art

  • SSJ3Mewtwo

    Held onto that axe through the entire flight and impact with the tree. Good grip!

  • Danial Abdullah

    Lol skyrim doesnt makes any sense! How can you not see someone crouching right in front of you?

  • Last Dovahkiin

    Stupid Guy: "must be my imagin-"Me: headshot "Aaaaahhhh... I love the AI!"

  • TypicallyShiro

    the animation in this is way greater than I anticipated, great job!!

  • Cameron D'Antignac

    it's sad how accurate this is😂

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